What are People Saying About Us?


Thank you for making this information available to Christian voters.  My husband, daughter and I felt confident about the ballots we cast yesterday as a result!

Wisconsin Family Action President

“We first used Heritage Alliance’s iVoterGuide in 2012. It was a good experience, and I greatly appreciated the people from Heritage Alliance who worked with us. Between 2012 and 2014, the iVoterGuide team made some significant improvements in several areas of the guide and the process. We used the new and improved online guide in 2014 and once again found a spirit of cooperation with timely responses to our questions and requests among the entire team. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that our online guide was the best available in our state.”


Thank you for standing in the gap for a very important job.


Thanks for your help, as I did not know any of these candidates.

AFA Action President

“This voter guide lets us track which of our members are actually USING the voter guide and becoming informed. We no longer have to take the word of the candidate on how they stand on different issues. We can track what they’ve actually done based on their voting records and donation records. Our organization wants to build a grassroots network and using their voter guide helps us build a database of active, informed voters as the foundation of that network.”