Equipping your Church to Vote Wisely

In the history of our nation, churches often served as a catalyst for change.  Pastors and church members need not be muzzled by fear of the IRS. Although the church is not allowed to participate in “campaign intervention,” much can be done to educate and inform Christians to engage and vote wisely.

Letter from our Legal Counsel

A church is not involved in “campaign intervention” by encouraging members to use iVoterGuide.  Although a church cannot directly distribute our detailed evaluation of candidates, it can send its members to iVoterGuide.com.  There, voters can get their own individual ballots, specific to their voting addresses.

Bulletin insert flyer

This downloadable, full-color bulletin insert is an easy-to-print insert for a standard-sized church bulletin.  Print some of these helpful flyers, and make them available to your church members by placing some in the foyer.

Slides for Powerpoint

Slides for your pre-service. Help your church family to vote wisely by displaying this simple information.