Our Leadership


After a brief career in financial services and real estate, Richard has been blessed to be able to dedicate almost his whole life to helping Christians be better stewards of their God ordained authority to vote. He considers himself greatly blessed to have such a loving and caring wife in Julie, that their two daughters are happily married with seven children between them, and all are growing in the Lord.

Executive Director

God equipped Debbie with both organizational and technical skills.  She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Princeton University but spent many years as a stay-at-home mom, while organizing many events for her church.  In 2010, God called her to join Heritage Alliance where she has helped with gathering the campaign finance data before she stepped into her current role.  She has 3 children and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Mark.  In her spare time, Debbie enjoys sewing, playing hand bells and teaching high school girls Sunday School.

Chief Technical Officer

Jim has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and many years of experience, both in the software industry and in politics. He is the original author of the popular WORDsearch Bible-study software. Recognizing the need for better information about candidates in primaries, and the potential of software to facilitate production of a comprehensive voter guide, he joined with Richard to in 2008 to create iVoterGuide. Jim has two grown sons and lives with his wife, Cheryl, in Austin, Texas.

Director of Candidate Research

James holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.  After retiring from a career in environmental engineering, James joined Heritage Alliance in 2009.  He has directed research efforts for legislative scorecards and nationwide voter guides.  James has served as a precinct chairman and election judge for many years, and enjoys traveling and studying American history.

Marketing Coordinator

Ellen came to Heritage Alliance with a background in political campaigns including her own run for the Kansas State House of Representatives in 2010. She oversaw the Political Management Team for a leading public relations firm in Pennsylvania. Ellen worked for The Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C. and traveled across America teaching a wide-array of political workshops including grassroots, campaign management, social media marketing and fundraising.  Ellen has been a consultant and an activist for various political campaigns ranging from small town judicial races all the way to holding campaign positions in presidential campaigns.  Recently Ellen was appointed by the Governor of Kansas to sit on a state regulatory board. Ellen enjoys working with the youth group at her church and homeschooling her three small children.