Making a Difference Begins with Local Elections

April 20, 2017 by Devora

We’ve Gone Local! Help Us Reach YOUR Neighborhood.

We’ve heard it often: “all politics is local.”   iVoterGuide is now debuting our Down Ballot Pilot Program.  We’re so excited to dive into providing the comprehensive, easy-to-use candidate information that has previously only been available at federal and state levels.

Why do we care so much about local elections?

Did you know in the U.S. House of Representatives today, one member started his political career by running for Constable, two by becoming Sheriff, and a hearty 267 members of the House and Senate began as state or territorial officials?

Furthermore, state legislative districts have far fewer voters than other offices on your ballot.  For instance, in the 2016 General Election in Texas,  57,277 votes were cast in the 117th State Legislative race compared to over HALF A MILLION voters who turned out for higher-level and county-wide races on the same ballot.

Since a candidate needs 50% plus 1 to win an election, a single vote will make the most difference when fewer votes are cast.  In the state legislative race mentioned above, only 1,536 votes divided the winner from the loser.   Because they are literally placed lower on a printed ballot, these races are called down-ballot races — and they are the ones where we can make a huge impact.

So, if most politicians start in a lower office, the way to truly change the dynamics of American society is make sure we elect the RIGHT people at even the LOWEST levels of government.

Because of the unique opportunity provided by local elections and also by Party Primary Elections (more on that in a month or so), iVoterGuide has begun a pilot project to focus on these all-important down-ballot races.   The election is live now, and you can view a sample of the guide to see what we could do in your town or district.

All it takes is one partner or sponsor to bring our national-level, high-caliber research model to bear in these critical  elections.

When is the next local election where YOU live and vote and worship?  How many votes would it take to get a righteous man or woman elected to office in your back yard?  It’s time to look, and time to act, because data shows that whomever is elected may very well be your next Congressman or Senator.

Contact us today to start a groundswell in your very own back yard.

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