What matters to Alabama voters in this special election?

July 25, 2017 by Ellen Janoski

The special election for Alabama’s Senate seat has become a complicated affair, with nine Republican candidates running in the Republican party’s primary (and one candidate withdrawing but still on the ballot). Political commentators project the race will end in a run-off. Four front-runners have caught the eye of the media, but who do the VOTERS want to win the seat? 

Conservative values and principles are being openly debated, and for that, we are so thankful! However, we all know the campaign rhetoric can all start sounding the same, and voters are left trying to figure out the nuances of stump speeches and media spin.

iVoterGuide has formulated a new layout and way to display the hundreds of hours of research compiled on each candidate.

 Please help distribute this important voter guide to voters in Alabama before the primary election on August 15. 

What matters to Alabama voters in this special election?

You might have noticed the altered layout of this voter guide. We recently surveyed conservative Alabama voters and asked them which issues matter most when voting. It came down to 4 main issues and we fashioned the Alabama primary voter guide according to those survey results.

Voters in the U.S. Senate special election will find the issues most important to them conveniently located on the front page of the voter guide – with a page dedicated to each issue and where the candidates stand.

For example, voters who want to compare and contrast the candidates stance on religious liberty, will easily find all of the candidates positions.

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Ellen Janoski

Ellen came to iVoterGuide with a background in strategic communications, marketing and political campaigns including her own run for the Kansas State House of Representatives in 2010. She oversaw the Political Management Team for a leading public relations firm in Pennsylvania. Ellen worked for The Leadership Institute where she traveled across America teaching a wide-array of political workshops including grassroots, campaign management, public speaking, and digital media marketing.Ellen has been a consultant and an activist for various political campaigns ranging from small town judicial races all the way to holding campaign positions in presidential campaigns.Recently Ellen was appointed by the Governor of Kansas to sit on the Citizens' Utility Board.

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