Do you want to help evaluate candidates?

Our volunteer panelists are key in making our online voter guide easy to use.  Not everybody is politically connected or savvy enough to dive through all the iVoterGuide data and interpret the facts.  We fully vet our panelists to make sure they align with our conservative values and are qualified to make that evaluation.   Then we put them on panels of 3-5 people who individually evaluate a set of 20-35 candidates, then meet to reach a consensus evaluation.

If you want to become a member of this highly qualified group, submit your name and email address.  We will contact you asking you to complete our issue survey and provide references.  We are always looking for panelists that are plugged into their state political system and know their state candidates to help us evaluate both state and federal candidates.

Volunteer as a Panelist

  • Volunteer as a Panelist