Vote Informed in Virginia, Nov. 7

October 25, 2017 by Debbie Wuthnow

All eyes are on the Commonwealth in this off-year election. The Democrats, and the liberal organizations who see the Governor’s race as a must win, are pouring millions into this election.  Former President Obama has stumped for liberal candidates in an attempt to take a major stronghold in this key state.

With major ideas and agendas on the ballot,
Christian voters need to be
particularly engaged and informed.

A few races you should not overlook:

1. The Attorney General race
Incumbents, no matter what the political climate, are hard to go up against. The race for Attorney General should not be overlooked, yet is being overshadowed by the focus on the Governor’s race.

Click the image below to see other vital information on both candidates.

You will see important information about liberal incumbent Mark Hering, including where he gets his financial support. A few highlights are:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • National Abortion Rights
  • Equality Virginia (LGBT action group)

Gun control has also been a hot topic in this race. Mark Herring received an “F” from the NRA.

2. House of Delegates, Dist. 13
The pro-LGBT groups have unleashed their furry this election on conservative incumbent Robert Marshall who introduced a “bathroom bill” which attempted to make it unlawful for a transgender man to enter a ladies bathroom.  These LBTQ groups recruited a 33-year-old transgender man, Danica Roem, in an attempt to unseat Marshall.

Click image below to view the vote ratings of each candidate

All statewide races are important!
Please share this Virginia voter guide with friends and
family before election, Tuesday, Nov. 7. 

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God bless you.
Debbie Wuthnow

Executive Director
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