About Us

Our mission is to empower the handful of citizens necessary to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional Judeo-Christian values.


President Richard Ford has been doing voter guides since the late 1970’s. Richard knew most of the federal and Texas state candidates, but yet felt he had never voted an intelligent ballot in his own county because he lacked sufficient information on all the candidates. In 2006, Richard had his local staff research all the Dallas county candidates and had five key personalities read a 4” binder of information of facts on every candidate and evaluate each candidates down to the Dallas county races. They met in Richard’s home, in the office above the garage, to reach consensus, and then printed and distributed the (paper) voter guide. They were all exhausted because of the intense effort.

Shortly after that election, the seed was planted that there was a need for an online voter guide. God brought the right experts to initiate this overwhelming task. Jim Sneeringer created the format to gather information on candidates in the next election and make that information available online.

In 2008, Heritage Alliance did a Texas statewide online voter guide including the state legislative races. It went down to the county races in seven counties for major metropolitan areas in Texas. This was repeated in 2010. In 2012, we felt God leading us that the entire nation needed this information, so we branched out to all 50 states, including all the federal races. In addition, in about a dozen states where had a state partner, we also covered the statewide and state legislative races for those states.

Since 2014, Heritage Alliance has continued to provide a comprehensive, online voter guide for all federal races and in states where we have a state partner. State partners help us connect both with the candidates and the voters in their state.

2016 is the first year where iVoterGuide will be releasing a Presidential Primary guide, extending our comprehensive, factual information on candidates to the top race in our nation.

Our story doesn’t end here. We tested the waters by covering a statewide judicial race in Pennsylvania in 2015 and recognize the overwhelming need for more statewide and local coverage. We are excited at the prospect of delving deeper on our state voter guides and trust that God will provide the funding to meet this need.