Voter's Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I see my voter guide?
  2. Why do I need to enter in my address to see my voter guide?
  3. What races does iVoterGuide cover?
  4. How do I know when my voter guide is published?
  5. Where do you get the information on candidates?
  6. How do I share iVoterGuide with another voter?
  7. What are legislator vote ratings?
  8. What are panelists?
  9. What are virtual vote ratings?
  10. How can I get involved?
  11. How do I know if I’m a registered voter?
  12. How do I know if there’s an election coming up in my area?
  13. How does iVoterGuide differ from other voter guides and endorsements?


  1. How do I see my voter guide?

Simply enter in your zip code from the home page and click “get my voter guide”.  From there, if you would like to see local elections, enter in your full address. Otherwise, you can click “All In State” and see the statewide races.  

  1. Why do I need to enter in my address to see my voter guide?

Districts are often drawn oddly and are composed of geographical areas from several zip codes.  In order to show the exact races on your ballot, we need to have your entire address to determine the district.  If you do not feel comfortable entering your zip code, you can still view statewide races simply by clicking the name of your state.

  1. What races does iVoterGuide cover?

iVoterGuide currently covers federal races in all 50 states. We also cover statewide, state legislative, and judicial races in states where we have current partners.  States with state partners for the 2015-2016 cycle are FL, IL, IN, KY, OH, PA, TX, WA, and WI. ).  We only cover contested races.  In the general election, a race is not covered unless both a Democratic and a Republican candidate are running for the same office.

  1. How do I know when my voter guide is published?

We try and get your local voter guide available to you at the earliest date possible. To receive an email notification when your voter guide is available, please fill out this simple form and we will let you know when there is an election coming up, or a voter guide is available in your area.

  1. Where do you get the information on candidates?
  • We obtain the financial data and donation records from the Federal Election Commission.
  • We go directly to over 150 organizations to collect and enter their Voting Records for each candidate.
  • Endorsements are found by scouring over 800 endorsing organizations to see who they are recommending.
  • We contact each candidate multiple times asking them to complete our candidate survey.  Candidates are given time to review all information before it is made public.                         

For more information on how candidates on how candidates are evaluated, see our candidate evaluation page.

  1. How do I share iVoterguide with another voter?

 From the home page you can share a link on your Facebook page by clicking the “share” by the Facebook icon. Once you view your personal ballot, you can share your voter guide by clicking on icons on the top right of the page. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or email the ballot.

  1. What are legislator vote ratings?

Vote Ratings are scores given by organizations to easily illustrate where a candidate stands on the issues.   iVoterGuide aggregates the data from over 300 organizations — both liberal and conservative, national and statewide —  in order to bring you complex information from numerous sources and display it in one easy-to-use vote rating.  Plus, with iVoterGuide, you can always see the details behind the score.

  1. What are panelists?

Panelists are trusted volunteers who review the information collected by researchers and assign an evaluation to each candidatePanel review is the final step iVoterGuide takes to make sure the information we provide is grounded in documented data and reflected in the candidate’s answers to survey questions

  1. What are virtual vote ratings?

It’s a unique rating system primarily used for candidates that don’t have a legislative record.  Virtual Vote Ratings is a prediction of the positions and values a candidate will take, based on vote ratings of legislators they have either given donations to, or received donations from. Virtual Vote Ratings use donation records coupled with ratings from organizations that the candidate is involved with to come up with a candidate score. In other words, we use campaign finance data to evaluate all the candidates on actions, not just promises. 

  1. How can I get involved?

We encourage all voters to take action by visiting our “Get Involved” page. Here you will find ways to reach out to your local church, sign up to effectively pray for your elected officials, get information on partnering with iVoterGuide, and learn where to find general voter information.

  1. How do I know if I’m a registered voter?

You cannot vote if you aren’t registered.  Make sure you’re a registered voter quickly and easily by going to Voter Lookup

  1. How do I know if there’s an election coming up in my area?

We can send you upcoming, local election information when you sign up for iVoterGuide notifications top

  1. How does iVoterGuide differ from other voter guides?

Many local voter guides present their guides as endorsements instead of presenting all the facts and letting you decide. iVoterGuide doesn’t tell you who to vote for; instead, we give YOU the information so you can decide for yourself and educate others. There are many features wholly unique to iVoterGuide, such as our Virtual Vote ratings, which allow you to evaluate someone who has never held public office before.   Most voter guides are printed and cover all the races in the state or county, requiring you to know which district is yours, but iVoteGuide is online and customized to only show you the races that appear on your ballot.  iVoterGuide is comprehensive and provides campaign finance records, endorsements, and panel evaluations.   We provide the depth of data, but also an quick and easy evaluation of the candidate (from very conservative to very liberal).

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